1st Takeaways of an IBM Container licenses implementation

IBM recently announced new IBM Container licenses together with a new measurement tool: IBM License Service. IBM Container licensing differs from IBM Sub-capacity licensing, ...

TIP #71 - January 2021: What are the IBM License Service & Container licenses, and what are the prerequisites?

... but together with the IBM License Service it can be considered as an alternative to IBM Sub-capacity while using ILMT.

These new Container licenses are specifically meant for IBM Certified Containers and IBM Cloud Paks running on Kubernetes orchestration technology. But to what do these terms relate? A brief explanation of both IBM Containers and Cloud Paks:  

  • IBM Certified Containers are lightweight and portable executable units (images) of software in which application code is packaged, along with its libraries and dependencies;
  • IBM Cloud Paks are integrated software solutions built on the Red Hat open hybrid cloud platform, enabling to build once and deploy anywhere.

Prerequisites for using IBM Container licenses:

For Passport Advantage 10 or older, customers require a PA Container licensing transaction addendum stating Container licensing terms. This addendum includes guidance on:

  • Compliance & Reporting;
  • Use of the IBM License Service;
  • Virtual Processor Core (VPC) or Processor Value Units (PVU) core-based containerised products supported by IBM License Service deployed with Kubernetes orchestration.

IBM License Service (tool):

The IBM License Service is the only accepted tool for license usage tracking and reporting relating to Container licensing. This IBM License Service is:

  • contained in each IBM Cloud Pak’s service;
  • available for download to use in IBM Certified Containers by contacting talk2sam@us.ibm.com.

Customers should verify whether IBM License Service is installed and configured correctly when deploying their containerised Programs.

Softline Solutions’ first customer fully operational with IBM Container licenses:

Softline Solutions already supported their first customer with a successful implementation of the license usage tracking tool (IBM License Service). This customer is reporting correctly and in full compliance with these Container licenses PA conditions.

For more information on these specific license metric conditions, please contact Softline Solutions. We can advise and support you in making your best choice. Helping you to achieve Compliance, Control & Cost savings.