Check your ServiceNow environment to make sure it's performing optimally

ServiceNow SAM is a software asset management tool that is quickly growing in functionality as well as in popularity.

TIP #79 - July 2021: Check your ServiceNow environment, make sure that it's performing as it should.

Over the past few years, we have implemented ServiceNow SAM for numerous customers already. For example, for Covea, a joint customer of ServiceNow and Softline Solutions.

Implementing ServiceNow SAM for our customers resulted in the development of a set of health checks and best practices for ServiceNow SAM, describing many quick wins and other possible improvements for your existing ServiceNow SAM implementation. You can benefit from this knowledge using our new ServiceNow SAM health check.

With the ServiceNow SAM health check, we go through your existing ServiceNow SAM implementation using our health check metrics. During this, we will take a look at the core elements of ServiceNow SAM, including components that are not directly in the SAM Pro module but that are part of the CMDB which ServiceNow SAM depends on like servers, relations, workstations, Discovery and SCCM.

Another possible improvement for your existing ServiceNow SAM environment is the Publisher Quick Scan. This scan provides insight into the completeness and trustworthiness of publisher data available in the ServiceNow SAM environment. Next to that, it gives you an overall general insight into the status of a specific software publisher regarding compliance, possible risks and optimisations.


Be sure that your ServiceNow environment is performing optimally

With the ServiceNow health check, you can profit from many potential quick wins and low-hanging fruits, as well as build a great foundation for future work in just a few hours. The Publisher Quick Scan will give you a thorough insight into the publisher data in your ServiceNow SAM environment.

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