Create an SAP strategy: essential now more than ever

From an SAP license perspective there are two key developments which should very likely be incorporated into your SAP contract within the next few years:

TIP #32 - February 2020: How to create an optimal SAP contract strategy, set up an accurate ELP and calculate future scenarios like HANA usage. 

  • With SAP ECC falling out of support in 2025, SAP customers will have to schedule a migration of their SAP landscapes to S/4HANA. This provides an excellent opportunity to renegotiate and clean up your SAP contract – an opportunity that does not arise frequently.
  • Digital Access is SAP´s new license model for use of non-SAP applications connected to your ERP system (indirect usage). This model does not easily fit within every Enterprise. Companies with different ERP’s in place, a Warehouse Management System or just your warehouse handheld terminal not running SAP, are facing a big risk of having to pay large amounts for Digital Access.


Start with the end in mind: create your SAP contract strategy using all the elements like HANA transition, Digital access, your current Effective License Position (ELP) and your IT SAP roadmap. With this in mind, get in touch with the SAP contract experts to determine your SAP contract strategy.

Creating the SAP contract strategy generates quite a few actions and questions to be addressed to your organisation. Don’t wait until the questions are on your table or even worse, decisions are being made without involving the SAP licensing team. Be proactive, start now!

Interested in this approach? 

Together with our partners we have the tools and knowledge to assist you in creating an optimal SAP contract strategy, setting up an accurate ELP and calculate future scenarios like HANA usage and/or additional demand resulting from your IT SAP roadmap.