Create business awareness for ITAM

Are you struggling to get more business involvement towards ITAM, and create business awareness for financial IT risks and spend optimisation?

TIP #44 - May 2020: Don't struggle getting more business involvement towards ITAM, and creating awareness for financial IT risks and spend optimisation.

Well, you’re not alone. Many ITAM departments are struggling to get the business aligned with the goals of IT Asset Management. Of course, the focus of the business is on creating added value and selling new and innovative products and services, with the goal to gain more revenue and profit. After all, that’s what they are accountable for.

ITAM departments seem to have other goals, like establishing high quality data to rely on for reporting on financial risks, spend optimisation opportunities and calculating the TCO. But, in the end, the goal of the ITAM department does not differ that much from business goals. ITAM departments are specifically equipped to mitigate financial IT risks, avoid unforeseen costs and optimise IT spend where possible. This contributes to the same revenue and profit the business is working for!

So, why does it seem so hard to get the business in line with the ITAM department and work together on mitigating financial risks and optimising IT spend? Because they don’t feel the pain nor the pleasure!

Many companies have a centralised IT department where all IT costs for applications, data center providers, cloud and XaaS solutions, end user devices and related services are charged to. Having an IT department with its own budget based on values like x% of companies’ revenue or a so called “allocation key” seems to be transparent, but actual costs and risks are not seen nor felt by the business.

Do you recognise this?
Do you recognise this and are you looking for a way to change this? Do you want to involve the business within ITAM programs and make them aware of financial IT risks and gain support for spend optimisation? 

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