Don’t bite off more than you can chew – say nope and scope

The expression “To bite off more than one can chew” often comes to mind when getting into conversation with organisations starting with the implementation of ITAM. The expression dates back to nineteenth century America, ...

TIP #29 - January 2020:Why you should choose only a handful of publishers when you start implementing ITAM.

... when a man offered another man a bite of his of chewing tobacco. It’s used to illustrate a situation where we take on more than we can deal with, or attempt to do something that we are not capable of accomplishing. For example, some organisations express the desire to onboard 20(!) or even more publishers during an ITAM implementation project. At first glance, that seems like an admirable goal. After all, who doesn’t want to report to their superiors that they are effectively managing the bulk of their software spend?

The reality however is, most ITAM teams are understaffed, overworked or both. There is simply not enough time to keep up with all major vendors, mitigate all risks or even manage current audits. So processing several license position reports a month for vendors with complex licensing models with a small team is definitely out of the question. Even if you do manage to produce a license position report every 3 months, can you expect mitigating actions to take effect before the next report? If you’re being honest, the answer is most likely no. The key is to pick your battles.

So, our tip of the week is quite simple: When you start with implementing ITAM, choose a handful of vendors that you feel you can make a difference with. Make an effort to get the license position of that specific subset of publishers under control, celebrate your success and take your next steps! Chances are, you’re already doing better than your peers or exceeding the expectations of your management team, and guess what: You’ll have time to breathe.

If you are interested in bite-sized IT asset management, Softline Solutions can help you prioritise, set realistic goals and get the most out of your ITAM team.