Do you have the right skills in your ITAM Team?

Starting an ITAM program can be a daunting task. Where do you start?

TIP #81 - October 2021: A successful ITAM program depends on your resources - make sure your team has the right skills!

Well, one of the key things which aids in the success of any program is your team - having the right amount of resources with the right skills. But since not everyone can do everything, it’s important to educate.

You may have team members who have been performing a specific role. But, as the program changes and evolves in line with business goals and drivers, you may find that restructuring the team is needed. This of course may uncover skill gaps which need to be filled.

So what should the team be trained in?

There is a whole array of training they can go through. However, it’s important they understand the fundamentals of ITAM first. This will enable them to connect the dots on why things are done in the way they are, and what dependencies there are between process areas for example. They will come to understand how communication underpins many key process areas within an organisation and how to get things done in the most efficient way. It wil help your team work together to deliver one common goal, deliver value to the business.

The below representation is a skills matrix which aligns various training programs for specific roles within ITAM.

ITAM roles vs certifications_2022

The key is to understand current gaps, and understand where the gaps are when it comes to true ITAM. Many still look at ITAM from a compliance-only perspective and the above courses really help us to focus on why we do what we do. There are still some misconceptions around ITAM out there, these courses can help fix that. To broaden trainees’ perspectives, they are challenged with questions like:

  • Think about what we need to tell our execs?
  • How do we need to tell our execs?
  • What are our execs actually looking for?
  • How can we give them what they need?

Train your teams for faster ITAM maturity

The common thing in most organisations focuses around some key themes: Cost Savings, Risk mitigation and Cost Avoidance. If you can train your teams to think how they are going to deliver on these, you can mature your ITAM program much faster.

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