Battling IBM licensing challenges – Tip 1 of 5

Every once in a while, all ITAM managers face challenges when managing IBM licensing. To help you on your way, we have gathered 5 practical & useful tips from our webinar on managing IBM licensing in ServiceNow SAM.

Tip 1 of 5: Pay what you use & Use what you pay!

October 2021

Read all five tips on IBM licensing challenges:

In our daily activities, we help you optimise and reduce yearly cost, and make sure that you run smoothly through an IBM audit. Doing this, we often experience customers could save tons of money, but often do not realise it.

Pay what you use: be compliant and avoid non-budgeted, sometimes huge, penalties in case of an audit. And here, measuring is knowing! It provides greater insight into the IBM software licenses with all associated problems and increases the degree of control for the IBM software products. In short: When you know your software consumption, it will strengthen your future negotiating position with IBM.

Use what you pay: customers often “just” renew their subscriptions on a yearly basis without further analysis. This can be due to lack of time or to other priorities. But, with better analysis and better insights you can significantly reduce your yearly Subscription & Support (S&S) costs.

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