Involve all of your stakeholders for successful ITAM

For ITAM to become successful, it is key to involve stakeholders across the organisation and on all levels. You need to align your strategy and proactively work with your key stakeholders. In other words, work on your stakeholder management!

Tip #84 - January 2022: Successfully executing ITAM cannot be done alone. Which stakeholders should you involve and why?

You cannot execute ITAM on your own!

Lack of buy-in from participating and affected parts of the organisation, could result in:

  • situations affecting your ITAM program beyond your control;
  • staying in the firefighting mode;
  • not being able to save costs;
  • not being able to mitigate (security) risks.

Working with stakeholders is a win-win situation. ITAM managers gain access to key information and will receive feedback to improve. In return, the stakeholder(s) receive additional information to meet their own goals and in some cases even make their own job easier.

A key part of the IT Asset Manager’s role is education and awareness (communication) about the benefits and strategic importance of ITAM. Meet the stakeholders involved! Explain how their actions have an impact on the business goals and what you are trying to achieve.

Typical examples of ITAM stakeholders and the benefits they will bring to the ITAM team: 

ITAM stakeholders_EN

It is obvious to involve employees and departments that are needed for a successful conclusion execution of ITAM processes. But also involve departments such as configuration management, security management or the financial department. The more people see the importance of IT asset management, the more – sometimes unexpected – contributions you can expect.