Onboarding a software Publisher – Compose the flight plan (Part 2 of 2)

Once it is decided which software Publishers you need to onboard into your ITAM tool of choice, it is time to determine what the actual onboarding process will look like. Do you go straight for the gate because you are in a hurry?

TIP #51 - July 2020:How to determine the onboarding process for your software publishers in your ITAM tool. In this tip we tell you more about it.

Or do you decide to spend some time and go for the full experience, making necessary preparations and be sure you get the entire context and nothing is overlooked prior to actually taking the correct seat?

Onboarding is much like flying the plane - you don't need a map, you need GPS. When you are responsible for SAM/ITAM it is your job to make sure you and your organisation do not get lost, and neither does the Publisher information. This is why Softline Solutions created a Publisher onboarding method. Just to make sure you know exactly where you need to be on any given moment in time.


When onboarding a software Publisher, expectations are sky-high. You want to show to your organisation that you can reach the destination by achieving:

  • VALUE as soon as possible; 
  • RESULTS as soon as possible; 
  • INFORMATION available at the push of a button; 
  • Easy access to real-time accurate COMPLIANCE DATA; 
  • Clear insight into the EFFORTS required to manage the publisher (now and later); 
  • Give the organisation a CHOICE on the level of information detail. 

In short, making sure the organisation gets to see what they are looking for, buys the total package of information as it is presented to them and is happy to fly in the direction you have set. 

In order to achieve these goals, the ideal software publisher onboarding process follows 6 clearly defined steps. Between each step there needs to be a moment of reflection. Do I see what I intended to see and do I buy the outcomes? Either adjust the plan or, when satisfied, move on with the next step.

The 6 onboarding steps by Softline Solutions:

1.  Quick scan – determine the flight class based on the Publisher dossier. 
2.  Intake – define the exact scope (legal entities, infrastructure, inventory), decide what will be the deliverable to the organisation and determine the efforts required.
3.  Input – the actual data entry and configuration phase.
4.  Inspection – adding further intelligence to the information in the tool such as custom metrics, allocations, restrictions.
5.  Introduction – present the data in the tool to the relevant stakeholders for approval.
6.  Intelligence – create the end deliverable based on the data from the tool.

You have reached your destination!

But this might very well not be the end of your journey. If you need help in composing, accompany or executing your onboarding plans and the next steps, do not hesitate to reach out!