Processes first!

Did you recently implement some kind of ITAM tooling or Cloud management tooling to manage your IT assets? Then we would like to ask you some questions:

TIP #26 January 2020 : Why you shouldn't implement an ITAM solution without a clear design and a solid approach.

Question number 1: Do you experience….?

  • despite the implementation of tools, it is still hard to be in control of software assets costs?
  • it is a struggle to find people with the right competences who can translate data into actions?
  • the different IT solutions theoretically offer multiple benefits, but reaching goals seems quite impossible and expectations are hard to meet?

Did you answer “yes” to at least a one of the questions above? Continue reading!

Unfortunately, we experience quite often that an IT Asset Management solution is being implemented without a clear design and a solid approach regarding the implementation of corresponding and necessary ITAM processes. What did the schoolbooks tell us over and over again? There should be a correct and healthy balance between processes, organisation and technology. And most important: Processes should have the highest ranking and should come first!

  • Processes: Activities (work) that must happen
  • Organisation: People who execute activities
  • Technology: IT solutions which support in executing activities and reaching goals

For the total ITAM scope, Softline Solutions has developed an extended range of ITAM processes, based on best practices. From managing license compliance to cost effective Cloud management. Lean, solid and optimised with minimised throughput, leveraging international standards like the ISO 19770-1:2017.

Question number 2: Do you….?

  • want to be sure you have appropriate ITAM processes in place?
  • need help to effectuate your investment regarding your ITAM solutions?
  • want to develop an effective ITAM operation using best practise processes for ITAM?

Did you answer “yes” to at least a one of the questions above?

Contact us, we have already defined ITAM processes, with roles and responsibilities included, for each level of maturity within ITAM. We are also able to tailor these processes to your organisation within any given context!