Quality assurance through ISO 19770-1 certification

Unlock the power of ISO 19770-1 certification to elevate your ITAM data and process quality, gain a competitive edge, and demonstrate world-class ITAM practices to both internal and external stakeholders.

Blog - August 2023: Learn how to enhance your ITAM practices with ISO 19770-1 certification, showcasing top-notch quality and gaining a competitive edge.

Measuring quality is notoriously difficult. Of course you can use KPI’s but that invites a lengthy discussion on what to measure, how to measure it, using which sources, the frequency, reporting formats and so on and so forth.

We can make the discussion a bit easier by distinguishing ITAM data quality and ITAM process quality.

For ITAM data quality, there are best practices for the registration and maintenance of entitlement registration available. For (hardware) asset verification, there are also models and practices that provide a basis for quality improvement and -reporting.

For ITAM process quality, ITAM certification can take the guesswork out of quality control:

  • By using external ITAM process auditors you gain an independent, unbiased and globally accepted quality stamp for your ITAM practice.
  • There is no personal taste or interpretation involved anymore, as process KPI’s are replaced by a standard you must live up to maintain your certification.
  • The certification makes it possible to benchmark your ITAM program, not just against other organisations, but also against your own previous results!
  • It provides a common model during internal audits. Even if you don’t plan to achieve ISO certification in the short term, you can use the standard not just as a way to structure your ITAM program, but also as a measuring stick. Being familiar with ISO standards, internal quality professionals will become far easier to communicate with.

In short, certification shows good governance and the maturity and quality of an organisation’s ITAM processes. It shows external stakeholders such as software publishers and internal stakeholder such as internal audit your ITAM processes are world-class!

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