What's new in ServiceNow San Diego

Release highlights: what's new in ServiceNow San Diego when it comes to Software Asset Management, Hardware Asset Management and Cloud Insights?

Blog - March 2022: A short high-level overview of products and features in the Now Platform San Diego release when it comes to ITAM. 

The ServiceNow San Diego release (March 2022) has a lot of new features when it comes to IT Asset Management (ITAM). The ITAM product line contains three products:

  • Software Asset Management Professional;
  • Hardware Asset Manager;
  • Cloud Insights.

Here is a short (high-level) overview of products and features in the Now Platform San Diego release, when it comes to ITAM.

Software Asset Management Professional

Over 10 new features have been released in San Diego when it comes to Software Asset Management Professional. Important new features are the automated upload of Microsoft MLS reports and the introduction of an IT asset offboarding process. Also some enhancements have been developed for Microsoft SQL Server.

Find a complete overview in the ServiceNow release notes

Hardware Asset Manager

Hardware Asset Manager (Professional) was initially released in ServiceNow Paris. In the releases after that, ServiceNow has included a lot of new features and capabilities. Now – one and a half year later – the HAM Pro module contains a lot of out-of-the-box workflows that can be utilised to cover your business needs. Moreover, the new GUI named Workspace – which was already released for SAM in the Rome release – is now available for HAM. This new and intuitive look-and-feel will support you in getting the most out of your HAM processes.

ServiceNow release notes on Hardware Asset Management  

Cloud Insights

Cloud Insights has been added to the ITAM product line in the Quebec release. Cloud Insights can be used to manage your cloud spend and to optimise resources for reducing cost.
A couple of new features have been added in the San Diego release. An important one is the ability to create and monitor your cloud budgets. With this feature you can define budget plans and ServiceNow will compare the plans with billing data to calculate and report on how well budgets are being met. It uses forecast spend within the calculations to report on ‘the future’ as well. Data will be reflected in a dashboard.

Cloud Insights overview