Battling IBM licensing challenges – Tip 2 of 5

Every once in a while, all ITAM managers face challenges when managing IBM licensing. To help you on your way, we have gathered 5 practical & useful tips from our webinar on managing IBM licensing in ServiceNow SAM.

Tip 2 of 5: A single IBM software product can be licensed by multiple metrics

October 2021

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IBM uses over 150 different licensing metrics, such as, for example, core based (PVU), user based or capacity based. One single product however, can be licensed by multiple metrics. So, always check your Proof of Entitlement (PoE) to see which metric you bought. You can even choose which metric is the best fit for your environment, before you buy the product!

Once you understand what metric you have licensed, check the IBM License Information Document for specific consumption measuring. This contains license charge metrics, bundled SW data (supporting programs + conditions), and other product specific conditions, which can vary significantly between software versions.

The IBM License Information Document is the most important document for your IBM product, apart from the Passport Advantage Agreement.

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