On demand: Tackle your strategic IT goals for 2021 with IT Asset Data!

In IT, we have access to more and more data that can help organisations in innovative ways. How can you use high-quality IT asset data to achieve your strategic IT goals?

on demand - June 2021: Opportunities for digital business acceleration. How can ITAM professionals use IT Asset Data to support strategic topics for 2021 as defined by Gartner?

Highlights of this on-demand:

  • COVID-19 vs. CIO Agenda 2021
  • Changing dynamics
  • Gartner‘s key activities to accelerate digital business
  • Frameworks (processes), people and technology


speaker info for website_JVKAbout the speaker:

Jan van Kalkeren is Practice Manager Process at Softline Solutions Northern Europe. He has extensive experience in the delivery and continual improvement of ITAM services for AEX-listed clients and national governments. Areas of expertise: Service Design / IT Asset Management / Process Consulting.