Take action before your software contracts expire

"Our Microsoft contract expires next week, but we don't have all the current usage numbers available!" Does this sound familiar? Is this something that happens within your organisation?

TIP #75 - April 2021: Does your SAM / ITAM team put your IT organisation into action before IT software contracts are due? It should!

Unfortunately, we see this happening a lot within big organisations. The focus for these problems usually lies with the SAM / ITAM team, because "they know all about licenses". That is true of course, but you will need to cooperation with system admins, service managers and application managers to get the complete picture.

Fortunately, Softline Solutions has a lot of experience with this! We have set up processes to control and prevent last minute issues like this from occurring.

For example: we can help you create a detailed License Position Report for a specific publisher, a certain period before the contract renewal is due. This report shows optimisations, corrective actions and other tips to go into the contract renewal well-prepared.

After delivering the report, we can also help you to drive all these corrective actions within your organisation. After all, the SAM / ITAM team can observe and escalate issues concerning software licenses, but optimisations should always be done in cooperation with system admins, service managers and/or application managers.

To gain even better insight in your IT landscape and possible publisher license issues, Softline Solutions can help you with hardware verification, to get an overall insight into possible risks associated with the top software publishers in your organisation. In addition to that, there are processes available to help your SAM / ITAM team to bring these issues to the attention of your IT organisation and follow them up within a limited timeframe (e.g. before the contract renewal).

Do you want this too?

So no more last minute actions, but entering into a contract renewal in the most confident way, using an optimised environment and having all the right numbers available.

Sounds good right? If you want to know more about this, or just even have a chat on how this can work for your company, feel free to contact Softline Solutions. We'll be happy to help!