The robots are coming… helping you with ITAM!

During the years we have all gotten used to working with applications that assist us with our day to day activities, periodic reports and even automate our business processes.

TIP #46 - June 2020: Hyperautomation, or robotising, of your ITAM processes - how can you do that, and what is the impact?

Within the ITAM domain specifically, we work with applications that help us identify risks and spend optimisation opportunities. However, for a number of tasks, a lot of manual, repeated user interaction is still necessary to get the output required to validate, combine and process data to useful information.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the next step in automating your processes. Gartner calls this phenomenon “hyperautomation”. This next generation type of automation can help organisations eliminating repeated user interactions by using a “bot” and further optimise human effort. Bots can help in any kind of application or any set of applications used to capture data and manipulate applications to perform repetitive tasks. Specifically, when a Windows client and/or Microsoft Office or Office 365 is involved, bots operate upon any user interface element of Windows 10 within an Operating System Environment and/or operates upon any Office application in any Operating System Environment.

What is the impact?

So, what is the impact on your license position by using a “bot” that is acting as a user on a Windows 10 PC with Office applications such as Excel instead of a “human user”? How to distinguish attended and unattended interaction of a bot and what kind of license should you use for each situation? Our consultants can advise you in both topics, helping with “hyperautomation” or robotising your ITAM processes . They can also advise on the impact on your license position for several products that bots are using to “hyperautomate” your business processes.